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Our Core Services

  • Mobile Service

    Sportsafe Australia is the mouthguard specialists who provide a free mobile service to sporting clubs at a mutual and convenient Day/Night. Whether it may be a REGISTRATION DAY, FAMILY CLUB DAY, a nominated MOUTHGUARD FITTING DAY or a particular TRAINING NIGHT, juniors or seniors, Sportsafe Australia will come to you.

  • Sponsorship

    If Sportsafe Australia is nominated as the official club mouthguard supplier, your club will receive a rebate/sponsorship. If you would like Sportsafe Australia to sponsor your club, please advise us of the different packages your club has to offer and we will consider the best option for both parties.

  • Process Of Fitting

    Each fitting/impression takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. We have a team of 5 professionals which include 2 taking orders, 2 dental professionals taking impressions and 1 assistant. The flow is fairly quick which eliminates waiting to get a mouthguard fitted. Sportsafe Australia can accommodate for over 80 mouthguards in a 2 hour session..

  • Dental Laboratory

    Our Dental Laboratory now offers Dentist’s and Dental Prosthetist’s more than just custom made mouthguards.

  • Health Insurance

    Customers who have private health insurance are claimable under dental extras cover item number 151. Health fund rebates differ, according to the level of cover taken out. As a guide rebates can range from $50 up to 80% of the mouthguard fee. A receipt will be issued for customers to claim the mouthguard through their private health provider. E.g. HCF, nib, medibank private, Bupa, Australian Unity, HBA, mbf health and many more Health insurance providers..

  • Hygienic Mouthguard

    In order to get the best from your custom made mouthguard we suggest the following: Your custom made mouthguard has been manufactured for the sole use of you. Only wash in lukewarm soapy water, after each use. Do not place custom made mouthguard in boiling water. They are not the ones you purchase from the chemist. Mouthguards should be worn at training to prevent injuries.


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