Sportsafe Australia is one of the leading custom-made professionally fitted sports mouthguard manufacturers, in Australia for all sporting codes.

Our customers range from professional athletes to students in primary and secondary schools, dentist and dental prosthetist, testament to our commitment to excellence in high quality mouthguards, service and value. We not only supply custom made mouthguards, but also help our customers choose the right mouthguards for the right sport.

Using the latest techniques and technologies, we provide unparalleled service and unsurpassed results to all of our customers. Our service begins with a custom mouthguard fitting, followed by a selection of colours, designs and customer graphics; this then leads into the fabrication of the personalised mouthguard whereby the final product is produced under strict quality control measures. All of our mouthguards are provided in a protective casing, along with care instructions to maximise the life of the mouthguard.

Over 24 years experience in the dental industry, we pride ourselves on our repeat orders from satisfied customers. We have a dedicated dental team, who take pride in each and every hand made mouthguard produced. We are always willing to test and evaluate improvements in materials and methodology so that our customers are always receiving a unique and exceptional mouthguard.

We guarantee our service and prices are extremely cost competitive when compared to others, with outstanding workmanship and customisation to the exact contours of your teeth and gums. This ensures that the mouthguard slips into your mouth and is ready to protect you and most importantly is made just for YOU!