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If permanent teeth are knocked out, there is an excellent chance that they will survive if they are immediately placed back in the tooth socket and dental health advice is sought straight away. Every minute the tooth is out of the socket, the less chance it has of surviving.

I’ve knocked out my adult tooth – what should I do?

If the knocked out tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with milk without touching the root and follow the steps below.
Do not scrub.

If you can’t replace the tooth
Knocked out baby tooth – what should you do?

Do not try to put it back. Contact an oral health professional. To find a community dental clinic near you, go to community dental clinics or CALL US AT: 1300 360 054

Broken or fractured tooth – What should you do?
Cracked or fractured teeth may or may not be painful. It is recommended that you see an oral health professional, as early recognition can improve the survival of the damaged tooth

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