Fixed / Removable Orthodontics

Sportsafe Australia can create a custom made professionally fitted sports mouthguards for orthodontic patients and children in the transitional dentition.

Young athletes with ever-changing transitional dentitions and those wearing fixed or removeable orthodontic appliances can benefit from custom made mouthguards. Wearing fixed orthodontic appliances and fixed palatal expander in place can be modified on the dental stone model before the mouthguard is made.

For orthodontic patience the dental stone model is blocked out around the bonded brackets (Braces) with a putty-like material which leaves a space (Void) between the custom made mouthguard and the bonded brackets (Braces) once it’s formed.

In mixed dentition patients, tooth eruption and growth spacer can be incorporating on the dental stone model to accommodate tooth movement and dental development, a custom made mouthguard can be produced to withstand several sports seasons in a year, or longer.

Traumatic impact to teeth and their supporting structures is common during sports activities. Custom made mouthguards for people participating in sports who have orthodontic appliances can minimize or eliminate mouth injuries. Such mouthguards are formed on a plaster or stone model of the maxillary dental arch and fit better than the Boil and bite type of mouthguards.

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